Bank Account Opening

Hong Kong Bank Account Opening Arrangement

We understand opening a bank account in Hong Kong is getting harder lately and it can be a real hassle sometimes. Especially when you’re not a Hong Kong resident or your business is just started in Hong Kong. However, if you’re with LIK TIN and our strong relationships with major banks in Hong Kong, we got you covered whatever difficulties you’re facing.

If you want to open a personal account, just bring us a copy of your passport and residential proof. If you want to open a business account, all you need to do is to prove your ongoing business activities either in Hong Kong or other countries. We will handle the rest.

You can check out the basic document requirements below.

Personal DocumentsCompany Documents
Business Bank Account● Passport ● Residential Proof ● HKID (if any)● BR (Hong Kong) ● BR (Origin country) ● CI ● NAR1 (or NNC1) ● M&A (A&A) ● Business Proof (e.g. Company Brochure, Business Plan, Invoice, Packing list, etc.)
Personal Bank Account● Passport ● Residential Proof ● HKID (if any)N/A