Company Formation


Where to Set Up your Company?

Hong Kong’s competitive tax system, extensive infrastructure, fast incorporation procedure, and its English-speaking educated workforce make it an increasingly popular business vehicle for companies from all around the world to register a company or subsidiary in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the proven premier business & finance hub in the Asia Pacific and it is one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world. The region offers a supreme location for entrepreneurs who wish to scale and expand their business into the Asia Pacific and also serves as a gateway to the Mainland China market.

  • Global Business & Finance Hub in the APAC
  • Free Economy and Trade
  • Reduced Tax Liability
  • Gateway to Mainland China Market
  • World-class Infrastructure
  • Ease of Operations

There are many famous jurisdictions to be considered when forming an offshore company, including BVI, Cayman Islands, and Seychelles. However, whichever you choose, you can enjoy a wealth of benefits as follows:

  • Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Asset Protection
  • Reduced Tax Liability
  • Protection against Lawsuits
  • Flexible Business Laws
  • Ease of Operations

If the personal data of company members is the most important issue for your company, BVI or Seychelles may be the best option. On the other hand, the Cayman Islands is one of the world-famous choices if a company is planning an Initial Public Offering (IPO); this is due to the location’s recognized stock exchange and legal systems.

Although offshore corporations provide you with reduced tax liability or significant privacy and confidentiality benefits, higher setup and maintenance costs should be considered. Establishing an offshore company will normally take from 7 to 14 business days. Of course, if you urgently need one, you may consider purchasing a ready-made company (shelf company) depending on which jurisdiction you choose.

1. Follow traditional guidelines and tailor-make the company for yourself.

Decide your own company name and become the first director and shareholder. It takes 7 business days once the applications are fully submitted.

2. Buy a ready-made company (shelf company), which is fast and convenient.

Purchase a ready-made company which can be done within 1-2 days. This would be the first choice if you need to utilize your company immediately.

3. Keep up with the times and do e-Registration.

This method combines the 2 ways described above. You may not be the first director and shareholder, but you can decide your own company name and get the Certificate of Incorporation within a day.

Company Registration Procedure

Overview of Information Required for Registration

Qualification of Shareholder and Director

There is no limit to becoming a shareholder or director. Foreigners also can be a shareholder or director for Hong Kong Company and foreign corporation can be a shareholder as well.

Shareholder and Share Ratio

Decide shareholders for your Hong Kong Company and their share ratio. It can be a minimum of 1 shareholder and a maximum of 50 shareholders.

Copy of Passport or Identity Card

Identification documents of all shareholders and directors for your Hong Kong Company should be provided.

Company Name

The company name can be in English and Chinese but cannot be combination of both. We suggest you prepare at least 3 options to avoid any overlaps.

Residential Proof of Shareholder and Director

As part of our due diligence process, residential proof of shareholder and director is required. Any type of address proof issued by the government authority is okay to use.