Corporate Secretarial & Compliance


Secretarial & Compliance Services


Appoint us as company secretary for your Hong Kong company. We ensure clients are given the most up-to-date information concerning Hong Kong corporate governance guidelines and policy.


Particulars Update

We will update change of company particulars such as Share Allotment, Share Transfer, Information of Director and Shareholder, Address, Company Name and etc. and make sure this record is updated to the Company Registry system accordingly.

Annual Return

An Annual Return is a statutory return in terms of the Companies Ordinance and therefore must be complied with. We will prepare and file Annual Return to the Company Registry on time.


Registered Address

Every company must have a registered office address situated in Hong Kong. We will provide registered office facilities to companies successfully registered in Hong Kong.

Document Maintenance

We will maintain all the original documents and copies of your company information and history. Of course, you can keep those in your office or simply contact us whenever you need these documents.


Dissolution & Liquidation

If you decide to no longer continue to do business in Hong Kong, you need to go through the formal process of closing down your company. We can assist you with an appropriate way of company dissolution.

Our Obligations as your Company Secretary

  • Status and Eligibility

    The Company Secretary is an officer of the company. The law states that one may not serve as the Company Secretary of a company if one is also the sole director. This cannot be circumvented by using another company of which one is also the sole director to act as the Company Secretary. In short, a sole director and the Company Secretary cannot be the same entity.

  • Advisory and Compliance

    We do an advisory to the directors. As such, we remind directors frequently of their duty to comply with the requirements under applicable laws and regulations. These include, among others, the Companies Ordinance, Business Registration Ordinance and the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

  • Administration and Record

    We are your administrator and keep proper statutory books and records. You must continuously update us accurately. These books and records include minute books, statutory registers, common seals and books of accounts. We may need to retain them for seven years or more.

  • Corporate Filings

    We need to make periodic filings. These include annual returns, information of and about directors and officers, any increase of authorised or paid-up capital and reporting of the passing of ordinary and special resolutions. There are deadlines for the submission of such filings.

  • Audit and Tax Filings

    We need to remind directors of our clients’ companies to prepare the financial statements of the company, have them audited and approved annually at the annual general meeting of the company. These statements then have to be filed with the tax return of the company with the Inland Revenue Department for all business, whether within or outside Hong Kong.