How to apply Hong Kong Work VISA, GEP? Any Requirements?

Hong Kong Work VISA

Imagine you walking by the street filled with the numerous surrounding populations of various demographics. Their race, nationality, language, and cultural backgrounds may all vary from each other’s, but there is no doubt that they are firmly sharing the vision of desires to be the competent international talents of the globalized worlds. Would you be staying, dreaming those depicted imaginaries or desperately willing to be and experience as one of them? Globalization is no longer just a theoretical concept we have learned from our textbook, but it is the most contemporary trends of the modern society now facing and heading. Welcome aboard to the core, let Hong Kong be your stage of expanding towards. Confused how? Start here with LIK TIN, the latest guide for your successful application for Hong Kong Work VISA (GEP).

You may firstly get frustrated about all the lists of required documentation being so complicated, but our Hong Kong Work VISA guide will surely be your clear checklist for facilitating the preparation.

Do I need VISA to work in Hong Kong?

In general, working or conducting of any business activities abroad, regardless of whether it has a commercial, profit-earning purpose or not, would require the eligible type of work permit from the immigration authority of the destination. For Hong Kong, the most common type of work permit is granted under the scheme of ‘General Employment Policy (GEP)’, also known as Work VISA.

In terms of ‘entry’, depends on your nationality, Hong Kong may or may not require the entry VISA/permission. Approximately 170 countries or regions are favourably granted VISA-free entry to Hong Kong at the term of staying at most 90 days. However, this policy will not serve your permit to be ’employed’ or ‘work’ in Hong Kong. You must acquire the proper type of VISA before starting your career.

Either your global career may start as a non-paid part-time internship or as a full-time professional, working without an eligible VISA would be regarded as illegal, and strictly restricted. In order to avoid any misconduct in ignorance, you must carefully consider the suitable type of VISA that can properly serve your interest and purpose.

Hong Kong Work Permit

Unfortunately, there are only ‘Hong Kong Working Holiday VISA‘ available to secure your favour to conduct on-site job seeking for more than 90 days, and the other types of VISA would require you to have the ‘sponsor’ in prior to the submission of the application. In other words, your employment with the sponsor must be confirmed and the proof of the agreement (signed contract) shall be requested as a reference to process your application.

Your employment agreement with the sponsor may have the term of ‘earliest date from the approval of your work permit’ as commencing date. If not, you should notify your employer that you will need a contract signed by both parties in order to proceed with your VISA. *Please be aware that having a contract with the local employee as ‘sponsor’ is only the ‘necessary’ that will not have the guarantee of approval from the immigration centre.

Eligibility Criteria

You may address the other eligibility criteria instructed by the immigration of Hong Kong. Although they might be ambiguously stated to some extent but can be used as a good reference to make your appeal. Application of the applicants who are qualifying below criteria can be favourably considered;

  • No security objection and no previous known record of crime
  • Good education background, the normally first degree in the relevant field
  • Good technical qualifications, proven professional abilities and relevant experience and achievements supported by documentary evidence
  • Confirmed offer of employment for the genuine job vacancy, relevant to his / her academic qualification
  • Work experience that cannot be readily taken up by the local work force
  • Remuneration package (income, accommodation, medical and other fringe benefits) is broadly commensurate with the prevailing market level

The applicants with the educational background and industrial experience that aligning with their proposed job position and its duties are relatively highly valued upon the immigration’s assessment; therefore, you would have a higher chance of getting approval by highlighting the ones that have more relevancy.

Hong Kong Work VISA Requirements

Hong Kong Work VISA Requirement

Hong Kong Work VISA (GEP) Mandatory Requirements
Applicant’s DocumentID 990A FORM
ID Picture (Size 45mm x 55mm)
Copy of Passport
Address Proof
Criminal Record
Applicant’s Resume
Degree with Transcript
Proof of Certificate or License
Company DocumentID 990B FORM
Signed Employment Contract
Organization Structure Chart
Business Plan of the next 1 year
Certificate of Business Registration
Certificate of Incorporation
Article of Association
Financial Standing and Proof
Tenancy Agreement of Local Office

*Please be aware that the Immigration Department of Hong Kong may request more than the listed items for their precise references.

Application Procedure and Schedule

After all the preparation, you may submit the application through either a direct visit to the immigration centre, post or e-mail. To avoid any mistracking, we have been processing all of our previously handled client’s cases by direct visits, but if contexts are not allowed, you may refer to their posting address or e-mail as stated below.

Hong Kong Immigration Department Contact

  • Address:
    Immigration Department
    7 Gloucester Road
    Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • E-mail:

If your application has been successfully submitted and received by the accordant department, they will process and follow up either by requesting more information or providing the result of their assessment. This process has been done within 2 months in general. But since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic from early last year, you will have to expect a longer period than usual. Within this period, you must keep track of any receiving emails through the address you have stated on the application form.

Your Work Permit will be valid for at most 2 years from the date of approval. If your sponsor remains the same after this given valid period, you can simply apply for an extension of stay, and the successful applicant will be provided additional 3 years valid permit until you fulfill the 7 years eligibility for Hong Kong Permanent Residence (PR). 

Any former refusal from Immigration might have an adverse impact on your next application. Therefore, it is more than essential to sophisticatedly prepare and review all the information and documents you are providing prior to your first submission.

During the application for your work permit, you can also proceed with the dependent VISA of your family members by yourself being the sponsor. Please refer to Hong Kong dependent VISA guide for further details.

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