Hong Kong Working Holiday, Perfect Guide For Your Starting

What was the most impressive part of your travel around the world? What makes you thrilled, excited, and touchy-ed? The magnificent skyscrapers that are highly standing at the center of the cities? Blue oceans with the whity sandy beach with shinny waving sunshine? If you were hesitating between those two incomparable values to choose one of your Working Holiday destination options, here is your solution. Hong Kong Working Holiday.

Trust me, Hong Kong is the city of forming genuine harmony. You will never miss witnessing totally fresh oriental atmosphere that is perfectly surrounded, well mixed with modernized western themes. It is the city where you can fully enjoy the feeling of having Sushi up on Big Ben.

You might be thinking, none of those are really related to Hong Kong… but that is partially NOT TRUE. As Asia’s most globalized finance and trade hub, you will have every chance to see those harmonized collaborations everywhere, but in so different way to its origin, which will eventually start to make you get excited about. Their own way of displaying various themes will have no shortage for your spaces of experiencing the global visions. So, let’s start!

Advantage of Working Holiday

Assume that you granted a year of period and you are able to use it for your own interests. What will be your prior plan? Going on vacation, enhance your career experience, learn new languages. All included!

Secure your year stay

In general, Working Holiday VISA will grant the year of permit to stay in the destination. Compare to that of normal travel VISA secure only 90 days or less, you have much more time to reside, accomplishing whatever objectives you are aiming for. If you are looking for long-term travel that exceeds 90 days, Working Holiday may be one of your most attractive options.

Work + Holiday

Most of the countries regard the activity of generating profit without possessing an eligible permit (VISA) as illegal and posing strong regulation towards misbehavior. If your goal of heading to a destination involves ‘work’ for either self-sufficiency for any occurring travel expenses or obtaining any global career experiences, you must consider applying for the eligible type of VISA.

Build your resume plentiful and powerful

As a reader of this blog article, you may already aware that ‘internationality’ or its understandings are being solid competencies in the world job talent market. There are many sources available, introducing foreign cultures through texts, photos, or videos, but there is no single doubt that exposing ourselves to native culture always has been the best mean of earning additional values. Your year of experience spent on invaluable activities during the Working Holiday will definitely deserve to make your unique differentiation.

Language, Language, Language!

If you believe that qualifying for any language exam with a good score is a great indicator of one’s language capability, then you would not have to consider Working Holiday as a valuable opportunity for learning new languages. However, being capable to speak and communicate with the natives has some differences with the grading system of exams to some extent. It does really need to have the ‘actual’ language skills. You can either register for the language school, practically improve it by joining the local communities or even by having colleagues of the natives. Whatever methods you choose, your improvement is guaranteed.

Only a few steps to make your departure

Application for a work permit generally requires a burden of procedures and document preparations. Completion of those may be so complicated and most importantly you would need a ‘sponsor’ for achieving the approval. Since you may not be so certain about your preferences on residing in the destination region, Working Holiday can offer you a shorter trial version of it. Relatively fewer steps to go through for making the application, and better chances of getting approval from immigration.

Why Hong Kong Working Holiday?

If your own investment of going Working Holiday has decided, the first thing you need to prepare is choosing of the ideal destination. Depends on your nationality, options can vary, but there are a few common factors and preferences that must be primarily considered. And for the candidate who has been looking for the most internationalized experience and opportunities of learning more than one language? Hong Kong Working Holiday is strongly recommended.

International Experience

Hong Kong, not only being Asia’s largest trade and finance hub, takes a crucial role in the formation of the connection between Mainland China and the rest of the world. Multinational Corporations enter Hong Kong to facilitate their business operation, avoiding tough entry restrictions and tax regulations of China towards foreign businesses. Whether you desire to build your international career or looking for financial sourcing to earn travel expenses, Hong Kong will have a suitable position to start from.

Chinese and English Bilingual

Hong Kong is one of few countries that are natively bilingual. There is no doubt that English is still the most powerful language in our global society. In addition, Chinese, by having more than 1.5 billion natives solely from its origin, the importance of its capability recently kept being highlighted. Despite the fact that Hong Kong’s Cantonese is slightly (or a bit more) different from Mandarin Chinese, a large population still capable of using them and there’s your chance!

Hong Kong Working Holiday Requirement

Hong Kong Working Holiday VISA requirement

As above stated, the application for Working Holiday VISA is relatively simple than that of other work permits. As agreements between the countries should already be formed, only brief references are required during the application. For more detailed guidelines for the documents required for Hong Kong Working Holiday VISA application, please refer to the below table;

Copy of Passport
Proof of Residencial Address
Proof of Account Balance
Proof of Insurance Registered
Photo (45mm x 55mm)

Proof must be issued within the 3 months from its application submission, and your bank account balance must exceed HKD 20,000 to ensure your financial standing is safe enough.

Hong Kong Job Seeking

In either case that your purpose of Hong Kong Working Holiday has more focus on learning the language or travel vacation, an extra source of finance can always support your budget. You might get frustrated about your first-time job seeking in Hong Kong, but there are few proven methods for your success.

Online Recruiting Platforms

The most common and easy way to start your job in Hong Kong is to search online recruiting platforms, such as CPJOBS or JOBSDB. They both offer you to sort the list by your preferred industries or position. By uploading your resume and cover letter with the simple appeal, you might get a call for an interview in the next few minutes!


If you are planning to register for any language courses or community activities, your classmates are great sources of getting referrals or suggestions. Use group searching function of Social Media platform with the keyword ‘Hong Kong Working Holiday’. Based on their former experiences, you will have access to all kinds of valuable tips and testimonials.

Local Newspapers

Prefer to experience a genuine local work environment? You may find the job postings in the Newspaper at any convenience store on the street. They may lack variety in industries or job positions than one on the online recruitment platform, but still, be your additional options!

Direct Visits

More specific about the desired position? Knock on the door with your prepared resume and cover letter. It is always worth delivering your motivation.

Hong Kong minimum wage

Hong Kong Working Holiday: LIK TIN FAQ

Q1. Can I get a Hong Kong Working Holiday VISA over 30?

In general, Hong Kong Working Holiday VISAs are limited to the applicant between the ages of 18 to 30. Any age above this range will have to provide their clear justification while creating their application. Otherwise, you may apply for the other eligible types of Work Permit in Hong Kong. Please refer to Hong Kong Work VISA (GEP) or Investment VISA for your further references.

Q2. What is the average salary in Hong Kong?

The statutory minimum wage of Hong Kong is relatively lower than the other developed countries from the OECD average. The hourly rate for non-domestic labor in Hong Kong was increased to HKD 37.5 in mid-2019, but considering that the average salary per month is approximately HKD 19,000, you always should expect to receive more than the minimum wage. If you are capable of more than one language than English, you will have better chances during negotiation.

Q3. How much does it cost to live in Hong Kong?

The cost of living can vary depends on one’s expenditure tendency, but in general, Hong Kong is known for its expensive rent. Either apartment or studio, you must be expecting more than HKD 6,000 per month. Like everywhere else, cheaper options are still valid when you decide to reside far from the city center.

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