Hong Kong Visa Type & Requirement

Investment Visa

The Investment Visa is officially called “Entry for Investment as Entrepreneur”, which, as the name suggests, lets people come and invest in Hong Kong. It allows overseas entrepreneurs to relocate to Hong Kong either through investing in an existing Hong Kong company or establishing and running their own business in Hong Kong.

Working Visa

The Hong Kong Immigration Department requires foreigners to have a Working Visa before they take up any sort of employment, regardless the employment is paid or non-paid and is short-term or long-term. An exception can be made if a foreigner has been provided a Right of Abode, a Right to Land, or an Unconditional Stay in Hong Kong.

Training Visa

The Training Visa is a subcategory of a Working Visa that is designed for those who receive training in skills related to their current profession from Hong Kong company. People entering Hong Kong as trainers and offering training to local staff aren’t considered under this category. They should apply for a regular Working Visa.

Working Holiday Visa

The main purpose of Working Holiday Visa is to facilitate a cultural and educational exchange between Hong Kong and participating countries. The holder of a Working Holiday Visa may be allowed to enter Hong Kong and stay for not more than 12 months. What’s more? You can also take up employment in Hong Kong legally.

Dependant Visa

The Dependant Visa is essentially a family visa for the immediate family members (spouse and unmarried children below 18 years of age) of foreign nationals who hold a valid Hong Kong visa for employment, investment, training, or study in Hong Kong or who are permanent residents in Hong Kong.


The IANG Visa is also known as the non-local-graduates visa. Applicants who are (were) non-local students and have obtained an undergraduate or higher qualification from full-time and locally accredited programs in Hong Kong may apply to stay/return and work in Hong Kong.