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How long will the application process take?

Generally speaking, 4-6 weeks from the date of last submission. Individual processing times can vary according to the background of the applicant, the sponsor company and the timely submission of all documentation.


When I need Apostille Stamp Document?

Our clients normally need Apostle Stamp Documents when they establish a subsidiary in foreign jurisdiction or file their personal/company documents to foreign jurisdiction authority.


Is there any restriction for company name?

The wording “chamber of commerce”, “Kaifeng”, “levy”, “savings”, “tourist board”, “tourist association”, “trust”, “trustee” should not be used except you got related license.


I am hired by a US company and they intend to relocate me to Hong Kong to take care of their Asia Pacific based clients there, but my US company does not have any entities registered in Hong Kong, can my US company be my sponsor company?

No. Employment visa application must be sponsored by a local sponsor company which should be registered in Hong Kong as legal entities. The US company may register a local company or a branch or a representative office in Hong Kong in order to support your employment visa application.