HK Visa Introduction

Employment VISA

The Hong Kong Immigration Department requires work visas for foreigners before they can take up any sort of employment, regardless of whether the employment is paid or is short-term or long-term. An exception can be made if a foreigner has been provided a Right of Abode, a Right to Land or an Unconditional Stay in Hong Kong.

Training VISA

A training visa is a subcategory of a work visa that is designed for those who are in Hong Kong to receive training in skills related to their current professional field. People who are entering Hong Kong as trainers and offering training to local staff cannot be considered under this category. They should apply for a normal Employment Visa.

Student Visa

Foreign students accepted by recognized Hong Kong universities and private and local schools can apply for Hong Kong student visas. All foreign students are required to obtain a visa/entry permit from the Hong Kong Immigration Department to study in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Working Holiday VISA

The main purpose of the scheme is to facilitate a cultural and educational exchange between Hong Kong and participating countries.

Dependent Visa

Hong Kong residents who hold working visas, investment visas, etc., can sponsor and apply for family visas.


This visa also as known as the non-local-graduates visa. Applicants who are (were) non-local students and have obtained an undergraduate or higher qualification from full-time and locally accredited programs in Hong Kong may apply to stay/return and work in Hong Kong.